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    Creative Coffee is a global community focused on offering learning experiences to its members.
    Our vision is to inspire and create the space for meaningful conversations to take place amongst our members around the world.

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    Duration: 4-5 hours


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     Join us if YOU are:
    • Passionate about building and adding value to your local creative community.
    • A hustler, a leader, a team player.
    • Eager to have an active part in building a local creative community.
    • Envisioning your creative community to be part of a global network.
    Write an email to oana@creativecoffee.org or adriana@creativecoffee.org.

  • We are a small core team of dreamers & doers who started this movement in August 2011 in Iasi (Romania) and ever since spread it around the world with the support of our Local Chapter Leaders, in Adelaide (Australia), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Lima (Peru), San Francisco (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Aquascalientes (Mexico).

    Adriana Truong

    Adriana is a Co-Founder of Creative Coffee International and the visionary behind its international expansion, having hosted Creative Coffee events in nearly every city she visits. She was previously an EU funds consultant, helping to secure more than $7 million for various projects, and later became the founder of the Creative Industries Association in Iasi, Romania. She is an alumni of Startup Chile and the Founder Institute (San Francisco). Previously, she was a Community Ambassador for Startup Institute in London and Berlin. Until May 2017 she was also a Manager for Rockstart in Amsterdam, leading the scouting for all their accelerator programs. You can reach her at adriana@truong.vc

    Oana Filip

    Oana is a Co-Founder of Creative Coffee International and a Storyteller and Digital Strategist at Pixelgrade. Previously, Oana helped create and manage Romania's first accelerator for creative entrepreneurs (the Creative Products Workshop), and assisted in the running of the Creative Industries Association suite of products and events. She studied Communication & PR, has a masters in Advertising, and is also the Local Chapter Leader for Creative Coffee Iasi (Romania) - Creative Coffee's first city! You can reach her at oana@creativecoffee.org!

    David Truong

    David is a self-taught entrepreneur with experience in building, developing, delivering, and marketing products. He has been worked in and/or managed many cross functional teams around the world, both in person and remotely. His educational games company, Redu.us, has more than 1.5 million downloads and over 15 million plays.
    Currently he is the Managing Director of Truong.vc in Amsterdam. Previously, he worked in mobile advertising, mobile games and cryptocurrencies.
  • Local Chapter Leaders

    These are some of our awesome Local Chapter Leaders!

    James loves picking the brains of the leaders behind creative brands, and also bringing the sometimes disparate Adelaide community together. During university, James founded Insider Publishing, which creates guidebooks for international students visiting Australia. The business has now expanded all over Australia, creating International Student Guides in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, with new editions planned for Canberra and the Gold Coast.

    Janet Faden
    Creative Coffee Jos

    Janet Faden is a trained multimedia journalist based in Jos, a beautiful but troubled city in the middle of Nigeria. She works as a freelancer specialising in journalism and creative media formats.
    Janet founded and blogs on Plateau News Online, with over 14,000 fans on Facebook Plateau News Online is the leading online news platform in the region. She also works as a reporter with the International Center for Investigative Reporting in Abuja, Nigeria and Africa Rendezvous, a West African News website based in Togo.

    Cristian Dascalu                               Creative Coffee Cluj-Napoca

    Cristian Dascalu is the founder of ClujHUB, Transilvania Entrepreneurship Center that is developing the only incubation program in the region, StepUp and the entrepreneurial platform StartupTransilvania.ro.
    Obtaining a Masters in Economics, his professional background ranges from a vast experience in business development and sales consultancy. Cristian is involved in developing a series events aimed at the entrepreneurial and innovation area such as: TEDxCluj, Cluj Innovation Days, Pioneers Unplugged, Startup Live and many others.

    Creative Coffee Copenhagen

    Vlad is a product guy working with lean analytics and user growth at Conferize, a social network for professional events. He has a background in design, internet marketing, content publishing and analytics making him what some would call a growth hacker. Vlad also doesn't like labels, but loves passionate and resourceful people. He helped build a student incubator, he's member of ITU Innovators and started producing and hosting StartupJoint, a webseries for entrepreneurs in the Nordic countries.

    Creative Coffee Ankara

    Ata is a strong supporter of self-initiative. He believes in taking charge of your own destiny and encourages others to do so regarding all the aspects of professional life. He accomplished his big dream of working in the gaming industry through self-learning and took the opportunity of being a game developer for Paradox Interactive, a known game development company.

    Ata took the position of Executive Vice President for the Magna Carta NGO, where he currently manages multinational Erasmus+ programs.

  • Creative Coffee Stories

    Find out more about our values, dreams and happenings behind the scenes

    Celebrating 3 years of Creative Coffee in Iasi

    We’ve had an amazing time at CC Iasi #20! Celebrating 3 years of CC Iasi, the special edition took place on Tuesday, September 30th and had not one, but two awesome speakers and 50+ attendees. You can imagine we remembered all the creative episodes of entrepreneurship, arts, design and other goodies as we were more than excited to have such a dedicated and involved community.

    From zero to (almost a) hero

    I started as an attendee, it was the 3rd edition or so, turned into an active and happy volunteer and became, one year later, the Co-founder of Creative Coffee—an international network of monthly events designed to educate and inspire creative entrepreneurs.
    I guess it’s the heaviest hat I’m wearing right now, but also the most fulfilling and rewarding one. 

    C for Creatives

    Generous as this definition may seem, Creatives are those people whose jobs involve creative work (OED) - those special people anything from innovative, original, ingenious, imaginative to visionary, gifted, productive and prolific; from architects, designers, publishers and marketers to all the other crafty people who dare to take the risk and shed a light on the unknown.

    CC Cluj #5– Experimentalist projects

    This edition of Creative Coffee Cluj was all about a room full of people, trying to imagine how the lifestyle in the city of Cluj would have changed, if the seven projects that were presented, destined to change little bits or aspects in the city’s ecosystem would have been implemented and discussing about what impact would be generated.

    Why I enjoy attending CC?

    I moved back to Romania last year, after working 10 years in a big software corporation in Germany. I returned to Romania in order to be closer to my family and grow my IT start-up. Being new in Iasi, I went to pretty much every event I found, hoping to build a network as soon as possible.

    #StoryCC: Local Chapter Leader @Adelaide

    I first got involved with Creative Coffee when I attended the first Adelaide one with Roberto Cardonne from the highly successful CIBO Cafe chain. For over an hour, I listened to him break down how he got started, why he got into business and how we is able to run the company so successfully. It was fascinating and unique.

    "We got remarkable feedback"

    The program went smoothly; Umar spoke about the sand box of creativity. Basically, the talk was about understanding your environment and how it helps to stimulate your creative juices and be original. (...) People really love the idea. I am seriously looking for a bigger venue for the next event!  

    Creative Coffee Bangkok

    Although this was the first time for Creative Coffee Bangkok and we are very satisfied with the outcome. Creative Coffee is not just a networking event that brings like-minded people together, it’s beyond a simple definition.

    Dinner and a movie

    “I just love people who do not think that following their passion or creating something on their own is a risk. The greater risk, I think, is to regret you never did it. Building such a community in Iasi, a city with so many young people, is a very important task that Creative Coffee has assumed and does it greatly. Good job, folks!”

    Bring it on, 2015!

    Happy late New Year! We’re finally back from our creative break and ready to start a new and productive 2015. It’s been a great 2014 and we’re more than happy to have had such an amazing year alongside everyone that contributed.
    From designers to coders, from photographers to copywriters, from fashion-lovers to journalists, you are the real trailblazers who created this community and we couldn’t have done it without you.
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